Grant Application Guidelines

Grant Application Guidelines


The Chinnor Beer Festival has been set up with the sole aim of raising funds to support youth activities within the village and the surrounding villages within the parish (from now on referred to as Chinnor). The funds can be used to support worthy individuals or voluntary organisations that provide most of the essential youth services within the village. From time to time a festival may be run to support a single capital project within the village. Such events will be announced well in advance.

Funds available for distribution are modest and it is anticipated that there will be more applications than we can hope to satisfy in this round. The Grants Committee will have a very difficult job of deciding how the money is to be distributed, so please be understanding if your application is not successful; there will be further opportunities later on in the year.

The Grants Approvals committee will look at each application on its merits and overall benefit to the applicant or the applicants organisation. The more people your application benefits the greater your chances of success. We hope that the finds we raise will help groups as well as individuals, in the case of individuals we hope that these people will go on to inspire others. This is a relatively new process and it is possible that differences of interpretation of these guide lines may occur. If such differences do occur then the Grants Committee will be the final arbiter.

The maximum single grant available is £500, smaller applications are more likely to be successful so it is best to match your application to your need rather than just go for the maximum amount. We don’t generally scale back the amount requested.

When you send in your application you are also agreeing to allow us to use the information as part of our future publicity. Future festivals will have a wall dedicated to showing how the funds have helped the village. This information will also be shown on our web site. We will not show your email address, address or phone number in such publicity. An important part of the sponsorship program is to show previous and future sponsors how their contribution helps the village. We may ask applicants to come and present their application in person.


  • You or your organisation must have a clear link to Chinnor, for instance:-
    • You currently live in Chinnor.
    • You have substantial family connections in Chinnor.
    • Your organisation provides youth services or benefits for the youth of Chinnor.
  • Your organisation must not be for profit; if you distribute or are set up to distribute surplus funds to owners or shareholders then you do not qualify.
  • The Committee will consider other connections not listed here, please contact contact any member of the committee for further advice (email addresses can be found on the web site.
  • The main beneficiaries of the grant must be under the age of 25 as of the last summer beer festival.
  • Where the application is for part funding of a purchase, the grant will only be released when proof has been provided that the remaining funds are in place. The level of proof required will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • The funding must be for something physical e.g. a table-tennis table, sound equipment, musical instrument, electronic equipment, sports kit or equipment etc. If you are not sure whether you qualify then contact the committee.

Applications that will not be considered

  • Running costs – where an application is made to cover running costs, such as venue hire, wages, equipment hire, transportation costs. Check with the committee if you are not sure.
  • Items normal covered by a County Education Budget.
  • The Grants Committee feels that the application is too vague or does not provide a substantial youth benefit.

Unclaimed grants

  • Grants left unclaimed for 12 months from initial grant will be cancelled and the grant returned to the fund. Grants returned in this way can be reclaimed by the original recipient in a future application.

The Form

  • The first three boxes should contain the name, email and postal address of the main applicant. If we need to contact you then this is the information we will use.
  • The ‘About you or your organisation’ is where you explain your connection with the village, something about yourself if you are an individual or the type of organisation you represent and the services offered to the youth of the village.
  • The ‘Grant application’ section is where you describe what it is you want the grant for and how it will benefit you and/or the youth of the village.
  • Once you have completed the form a confirmation email will be sent to the address you give. We won’t use this information for any purpose other than to contact you about the application.